What’s a typical day for you?

Arturo: A typical day would consist of supporting the PHARMExcel clinical team in the document management and administrative aspects of their role. Due to the different projects and members of the study team involved, there really is no set agenda that we follow, but generally we have a primary focus on setting up and maintaining our Trial Master Files (TMFs).

Sam: We provide support to the team by discussing timelines of studies and ensuring project needs are met. We also support various internal Quality Checks (QC) of documents & support the CRAs in their roles.

What do you feel are the key skills and attributes needed to do your role?

Sam: There are some key skills that ensure we can complete our roles, the most important of which would be organisational and time management skills. As a CTA, you are responsible for supporting multiple studies at any one time, sometimes at different clinical stages, so it is important to prioritise workload and keep on top of changes. Timelines are crucial within this industry therefore we complete numerous tasks under strict timelines.

Arturo: Prioritising workload helps you keep on top of deadlines and allows you to be adaptable in this situation. At PHARMExcel we work as #oneteam and therefore it is important to be a team player, strong communicator, and know that we are all working together to achieve the same goals.

What training have you received since you joined PHARMExcel?

Arturo: Training at PHARMExcel has come thick and fast and this role is a constant learning process. I continue to actively engage in training around project work. Since joining I have gained my ICH-GCP certification and am a registered affiliate member of the Institute of Clinical Research (ICR). I have also had the opportunity to listen and take part in seminars from the MHRA (the UKs standalone regulator of medicines and new therapies) which have been very useful. Moving forward, I am planning to attend some more intermediate-level and advanced CTA workshops, plus attend study monitoring visits to achieve a more in-depth understanding of clinical trial research at site level.

Sam: I could not agree more. I too feel as though my role at PHARMExcel is full of learning opportunities, especially as we are expanding with new team members join us, bringing a wealth of experience. I have been lucky enough to attend many external training courses, and attend numerous SIVs & monitoring visits, which has helped me understand the way studies are run.

What are the elements you like most about your job?

Sam: I really enjoy the interactions I have with the team and learning new things every single day. I can honestly say that I love my job and I feel so lucky to be able to come to work for such a great company.

Arturo: I like the fluidity and the ever-changing nature of this job and day-to-day my role changes. It helps to keep me actively engaged in all the PHARMExcel studies and I get to interact with everyone in the team on a frequent basis, which in most CTA positions is quite rare. I like that I am constantly learning by being part of an engaging team, but also have time to do independent work which I also appreciate – there is a very nice balance between these aspects.

What are the benefits to you for working at PHARMExcel?

Sam: For me, the main benefit is working with a team of professionals who value what each person has to offer. We all come from different backgrounds, and I feel like the team ethos and bond is unique!

Arturo: We also have company benefits such as the Rewards and Recognition scheme, Private Healthcare among many others and an Executive Leadership Team who listen to us!

Why did you choose PHARMExcel?

Arturo: I really liked the look of what I saw on the company website, it was detailed, informative and instantly I was engaged by the company’s key values which align with my own personal goals. From meeting the Managing Director and the rest of the PHARMExcel shortly after, it was clear that this was a perfect opportunity to join a great team whom I would be able to learn a lot from. Fast forward 6 months and I am really enjoying my time here thanks to an incredible support network!

Sam: I was fortunate enough to join PHARMExcel when it was just the Managing Director and one Study/Project Manager, so for me, the MDs vision for the company to create an ethos that ensures passion for our work, while delivering high quality output is what drew me to PHARMExcel. The feeling of being part of a team who feel the same as I do, is what keeps me striving to do my best.

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