Proud to announce we are ISO 9001 certified!

We did it! After all our hard work we’ve been awarded the internationally acclaimed ISO 9001 certification for quality management.

Congratulations to Allyson McLean, Head of QA at PHARMExcel, and her team on leading this amazing achievement.

Gaining ISO 9001 demonstrates we are a contract research organisation (CRO) focused on delivering a high level of customer service quality regardless of client size or scope of work. The certificate is evidence we continually improving our processes and managing business risk to meet the expectations of our sponsors and stakeholders.

5 benefits for sponsors when partnering with an ISO 9001 certified CRO

Our outstanding quality of service is what differentiates us from other CROs. We are an award-winning organisation that prides itself on its customer-centric approach and ability to get close to all aspects of the clinical trial to influence a successful outcome.

Working with an ISO 9001 certified CRO means you are guaranteed:

1. Assurance of Service– ISO certification is proof that we are a trusted organisation delivering on our promises for excellence at all times.

2. Risk-based Thinking – critical for identifying and addressing risk and opportunities to achieve the best possible outcome for our sponsors and partners.

3. Quality Management System– a QMS requires top management buy-in and dedication to ensure there is a focus on commitment, management, continuous improvement, resourcing and effective communication.

4. Change Management – handling change in a systematic way ensures our studies progress smoothly, changes are managed effectively and capitalised on.

5. Consistent Approach – Clients receive a standardised service regardless of who they work with within PHARMExcel.

Partnering with a CRO that you haven’t worked with before can be daunting. By choosing a certified ISO 9001 CRO like PHARMExcel, a testimony of trust already exists before even working with us.

Looking for a trusted, quality driven CRO to manage your study? Get in touch and let’s have a chat today.

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