Tackling UK decline in clinical trials: PHARMExcel welcomes launch of Talent Taskforce

PHARMExcel supports launch of new joint UK clinical trials talent taskforce

In response to Lord O’Shaughnessy’s recent review on the decline in commercial clinical trials initiated in the UK, we welcome the announcement of the launch of the joint UK Clinical Trials Talent Taskforce. Driven by the NHS Research and Development Forum and IAOCR, the joint taskforce aims to “grow our own” talent, leveraging and supporting high-quality solutions from both UK commercial and non-commercial solutions. It will focus purely on the roles of clinical trial site staff working in the UK across the NHS and commercial sector. Read more about the taskforce here.

We have earned a reputation in quality-driven clinical trials

We welcome this exciting news. Yvanne Enever, CEO at PHARMExcel said: “As a UK-based CRO supporting both commercial and academic trials we recognise the importance in quality-driven trial design, deliver and implementation. We have earned a reputation in tackling complex clinical trials through our highly experienced, multi-disciplinary team. As a growing pharma business, we must work hard to attract and retain talent to enable us to deliver an exceptional service to all our customers.”

And so far, we are doing a great job!

"I have worked with Yvanne Enever and the PHARMExcel team for several years on a complex, multicentre clinical trial. I have found the PHARMExcel team to be efficient, highly professional while being accommodating and very supportive."

Dr Kim Orchard, Senior Lecturer and Consultant Haematologist at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

"PHARMExcel came in to help my team finalize an UK study. Yvanne Enever and her people formed a capable, competent, and efficient partner in this process and were quick to start and pick up the pace. Provided great support and knowledge about UK clinical trial legislation."

Jeroen Capel, Director of Clinical Operations at Sequana Medical

With this new initiative aiming to position the UK as a more attractive landscape for clinical trials, CROs like PHARMExcel can play a key role in helping to make “exceptional best practice” become the norm, so that patients, the NHS, and the UK as a whole can benefit.

About PHARMExcel

PHARMExcel is an award-winning, full-service Contract Research Organisation (CRO) providing a flexible and innovative approach to clinical trial delivery. The company is recognised for its in-depth knowledge and experience of the clinical research environment, particularly in the UK, and has a network of regulatory and industry associates, allowing it to provide a global reach.

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